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This compilation of over 70 recipes are my favorites and I hope they will become some of your favorites too. I have upcycled traditional, vegan, vegetarian and plant-based recipes to be more healthy, nutritious and taste good. The compilation includes some of my favorite recipes for vegan holiday meals, dressings, soups, sandwiches, side salads, desserts, spice blends, raw food options, and fruit and green smoothies. Also included in this compilation are divider pages you can print out. You could choose to load the pdf directly onto your mobile phone or computer but I keep all of my recipes and reference materials printed in a three ring notebook that sits on my kitchen counter, close at hand when I need them. I like the idea that if people do choose to print the recipe pages, the interior of the pdf is in black ink only and better for the environment.

These recipes are not intended to  be used as a weight loss program or to cure diseases but rather to give people who are newly converted to plant-based and vegan foods diet a chance to see how to change some of their favorite recipes into more nutritious foods while using less processed ingredients.  It can be overwhelming in the beginning but every minute that a person spends on educating themselves about how their food is grown, manufactured and distributed can help them to make better and more informed food choices. Let me teach you how you can incorporate some of the same techniques that my husband and I use to select, cook, and prepare awesome food.

"Upcycled Plant-Based and Vegan Recipes for Real People-
A Recipe Compilation"

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I recommend using organic, local, seasonal, non-gmo and fair trade ingredients when possible but the reality is you have to do the best you can with the resources you have. Plant-based, organic and vegan ingredients will be more expensive than you are used to. Cheap food is cheap for a reason. "Pay it now or pay it later." This phrase is so meaningful to people like me who have lost and regained their health through a means of improved diet and lifestyle habits. I believe one of the best ways to economize is to make as much food as you can from scratch. I also include some other ideas about how to economize in the compilation as well.

The current research says that even making a few minor changes in your diet and lifestyle can have a profoundly positive effect on your overall health. These small changes can then have a synergistic effect on your motivation to continue to live in a healthier way. After much personal research and trial and error, I recommend using certain brands in my recipes, but you will have to do the research on the ingredients you use too.  The simple truth is that manufacturer's are in business to make money and advertisements can be blatantly false and inaccurate. Even though a certain brand may meet your standards at a particular time, ingredients and manufacturing processes may change and companies may be bought out by larger corporations who may not adhere to the same set of standards.

Reduce, Reuse, Upcycle, Repurpose, Recycle.